Calendar: ScreenDance Miami Festival 2021: Pandemic: Party of One, Fresh Air, and Reflections

Event Description

Join Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) and Miami Light Project for the eighth year of ScreenDance Miami. ScreenDance Miami highlights choreographers and directors who are working with emerging and new concepts in movement and dance on film and dance on camera. The festival has been created to support professionals in this field and to support the development of dance created for the camera. ScreenDance Miami seeks to engage the public and bring to light an understanding of this adventuresome, exciting art form.

PAMM is excited to continue to host the festival's Open Call Short Films. RSVP to join the live screening on Miami Light Project's YouTube page at each of the following links: Party of One at 12pmFresh Air at 2pm, and Reflections at 4pm.

12pm | Party of One:

Amanda Whitworth & John W. Hession

Inspired by the contrasts between beginning and end, before and after, lost and found, the movement evokes the feeling of being in-between two fixed points. After all, our histories are realized in our futures; the raveling and unraveling, the necessity of two seemingly opposite points in time.

Laura Sanchez & Belén Maya

"AFTER DARK" is the resiliency story of a woman, mother, immigrant and trauma survivor who, in the experience of losing herself during Covid-19 quarantine, found hope in the little things of life. This multimedia art film combines flamenco with poetry, visual art, drama and creative expression to inspire hope.

HBD2ME (2020)
Alex Bittner & Alex Gomez

Alex Bittner is a contemporary dancer and choreographer from Brooklyn, New York. She graduated from LaGuardia High School and SUNY Purchase, and currently dances with MICHIYAYA Dance as well as Jenna Rocha Dance Theater. She has choreographed and starred in various theatrical dance films and music videos.

Maryah Monteiro

"Travessia" (Crossing) is a game with the screens that surround me, emptying them so that they then open passages where my body escapes.

OUTRA VEZ ("Over Again") (2020)
Alexandre Franco & Lucia Aratanha

This very, very short film is a THOUGHT. One generated from conversations and experimentations with my former students in Brazil since the beginning of the pandemic. These conversations led us to talk about the repetition of world pandemics and its correlation with repetition of gestures in choreography.

Eli Cohen & Dalia Castel

The world began to shut down and we got locked down because of coronavirus. We didn't have work. Something that started as a game - the thought about being elsewhere gave birth to this video. It's a home video of a couple being stuck at home and dreaming of being elsewhere.

Elijah Motley & James Morrow

Set in the 2020s, "The Wonder Years" looks through the eyes of Eli, the oldest Motley son, growing up as a twenty-something black male. The low-fi home movie style is a nod to 80's sitcoms with an unapologetic and vulnerable journey filled with all the feels and some much-needed levity.

Jennifer Paterson, Lewis Gourlay, & Abby Warrilow

A women stands, takes a breath, steps forward and rises up onto the tip of her toe. We see blackness then she appears. Rotating, spinning and twisting, the camera and her dance around each other. She suspends, or has the floor fallen?

Program Length: 1 hr

2pm | Fresh Air:

Stephen Petronio & Blake Martin

Stephen Petronio Company is proud to present, "Are You Lonesome Tonight," conceived and choreographed by Stephen Petronio, set to the homonymous song, sung by Elvis Presley. Co-directed by Petronio and Blake Martin, the dance film explores longing and intimacy when human connection is of utmost importance.

NO ME GRITES ("Don't Yell at Me") (2020)
Joanne Barrett & Lucia Aratanha

"No Me Grites" exposes the effects of an emotionally abusive relationship. The tension felt by "walking on eggshells", threatens human essence. Maltreatment goes unseen until layers are peeled and healing can begin. Movement evokes a sense of tightness, trepidation, and loss. The relationship between performer and camera magnifies these qualities.

IF WE WERE (2020)
Enrique Villacreses & Kyla Thomas

Short Dance on Film directed and edited by Enrique Villacreses & Kyla Thomas, both graduates from New World School of the Arts College Dance Division. This is the final film of our Pandemic Series. One of the firm attempts to keep movement alive during these unprecedented times of COVID-19 pandemic.

Maya Nadine Billig

"The Prophecy of Present Value" explores past, present, and future exile of Miami residents facing climate change. This research-based collaboration interrogates the fragile engagement between our material environment and public policy using scholarship and performance.

Cecilia Benitez, Stephanie Perez, & Channce Williams

"Deviated Structures" was inspired by an empty pool taunting us on our daily walks and the active imagination of people desperate to swim through air. It is a reckoning and converging of souls yearning for new and enlivened systems amidst an isolated time period.

Fernando Ramos & Rafael Cañals

"Cirrocumulus" explores the inevitability of change and our reactions to the absence or presence of what which we cannot control. Life, like clouds, is constantly shifting and taking new forms. It is in our hands to choose what we make of it.

SOLACE (2020)
Stephanie Chisholm & Sten Garcia

Stephanie Chisholm and videographer Sten Garcia explore the empty streets of Miami at 5 am during COVID-19 lockdown. Moving through the uncertainty, the desolation and eeriness of the abandoned city, they find a sense of calm in the quiet and a new opportunity to begin again.

Sandra Portal-Andreu & Mateo Serna Zapata

"Superficie" is a response to our connections between the natural and man-made world, how our haptic senses respond to environmental impulses.

Program Length: 41 min

4pm | Reflections:

DIRT (2020)
Helanius J. Wilkins & Roma Flowers

"Dirt," a collaboration between choreographer Helanius J. Wilkins with videographer Roma Flowers, and composer Andy Hasenpflug, is the fusion of text, movement, layered visuals, and sound. "Dirt" presents a meditative exploration of identity and Blackness in a heightened time of unrest issues of police brutality and systemic racism in America.

Dale Andree & Thryn Saxon

"Sodden Ground," a collaboration between Dale Andree and Thryn Saxon, was created from the mud, the water and the driftwood that is the landscape of this particular place. Like any place, like any person, we are the sum of many parts, randomly organized to create the complex harmony of life.

Ana Sánchez-Colberg

The film is a collaboration with eight international artists during the period of 'lockdown' in the city of Athens. Each artist sent an audio 'love letter', used as an audio-score to 'go on a walk', an exercise of 'recuperation' amidst the loss. The film was recorded on mobile devices.

Jee Ahn

"Hand to Hand" is a short experimental film which is created to visualize the interaction of energy in a 1X1 square frame.

Program Length: 1 hr

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