Calendar: ScreenDance Miami Festival 2021: Those Were the Days, Pre-pandemic

Event Description

Join Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) and Miami Light Project for the eighth year of ScreenDance Miami. ScreenDance Miami highlights choreographers and directors who are working with emerging and new concepts in movement and dance on film and dance on camera. The festival has been created to support professionals in this field and to support the development of dance created for the camera. ScreenDance Miami seeks to engage the public and bring to light an understanding of this adventuresome, exciting art form.

PAMM will host the festival's Open Call Short Films on Tuesday, January 19 and Saturday, January 23. RSVP to join the live screening on Miami Light Project's YouTube page here!

Shauna Sorensen, Victoria Prince, & Ian Hoyt

The elevated subway line in Queens is the inspiration for, "Back On Track." The walls of the station are glass, allowing the train as well as passengers entering/exiting the train to be seen. The energy/habits of train travelers are used to explore concepts of commuting in a big city.

ESCAPE (2019)
Heidi Duckler

"ESCAPE" is a film born out of Los Angeles based site-specific dance company Heidi Duckler Dance's experience performing, teaching, and filming in Valdivia, Concepción, and Los Ángeles, Chile, during a time of civil unrest in November 2019.

Kathy Escobar & Marion-Skye Brooke Logan

In this body, you are free.

Iwona Pasińska

"Initiation" is the cinematic experiment of Polish Dance Theatre. Each of the frames is the separate, pictorial composition. Looking into the human habitats, toxic relationships and untamed fears we can see that demons, with whom the characters struggle often exemplify social problems described on the front pages of newspapers.

Dinorah de Jesús Rodriguez & Niurca Márquez

A simple celebration of Earth, origin and ancestry.

DEL MUNTU (2019)
Natalie Marx

"del muntú" is portrait of a woman of black and indigenous ancestry, a dignifying memory. In her search for freedoms she dances. The film is part of a body of work that explores the African and Indigenous philosophy described in the literary work of Colombian writer, Manuel Zapata Olivella.

AS ONE. AS TOO. AS 3 (2019)
Sarah Nachbauer & Jon Eden

This piece titled "As One. As Too. As 3." is about unity and is about how we are not fully complete until we are able to be strong enough within ourselves to offer unconditional support to one another.

BEN (2019)
Gabriel Beddoes, Mattia Parisotto, Teresa Sala, & Ilaria Vergani

A man stands, with his gaze suspended, in a sleeping city. Choreographed in the awakening by the daily gesture, it moves in it like a sponge. Thus, feeding on the actions of others, he reflects the world around him and dances, dances silently with his own shadow.

Kosta Karakashyan

A morning stroll in Onagawa turns sour when unfamiliar surroundings and information overload suddenly turn hostile on you. When too much is going on, and the voice in your head turns out too demanding, all you can do is let go and dance.

Program Length: 62 min

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