Educator Professional Development

PAMM offers FREE educator workshops throughout the academic year teaching strategies that encourage critical thinking and arts-integration for  K-12 teachers of all subject areas.   

Participate in dynamic discussions about contemporary art and hands-on art-making. No prior art experience is necessary. All materials are provided. Each teacher receives a flash drive with Heckscher Digital Education resources for classroom use.

Miami-Dade County Public School educators should register through the M-DCPS portal, and are eligible to receive Master Plan Points.  Educators that do not work for Miami-Dade Schools should email to register for workshops.

2018-19 Educator Workshop Schedule

Join PAMM staff for workshops especially designed for K-12 Educators. Together, we will explore ways to connect classroom curriculum with the art and artists of our time. These workshops include art-making, gallery discussions, and opportunities to share classroom strategies with colleagues. All materials are provided. M-DCPS educators receive M-DCPS credits. Please register through the Miami-Dade professional development website.

For more information on upcoming Educator Workshops contact

Saturday, October 13 2018 10am - 5pm
That’s So Miami: The Surrounded Islands of Christo and Jeanne-Claude. An inspiration of environment, civic engagement and public art.

Join us for a special weekend educator workshop that celebrates the lasting legacy and history of the site-specific 1983 public art installation Surrounded Islands by Christo and Jeanne-Claude. This unique convergence of art, environment, and civic engagement will be explored in a two-part day.

Part 1, 10am-2pm | Join our inquiry-based tours through PAMM's Surrounded Islands documentary exhibition, while exploring the process and conceptualization of public art in the urban tropics. 
Part 2, 2-5pm | Further explore the cultural phenomenon of Surrounded Islands by diving into the Vasari Project Archive/Miami Dade Public Library System's complementary exhibition, Christo and Jeanne‑Claude in Miami | The Library and the Surrounded Islands Project. Participate in a hands-on art-making experience sure to inspire more interdisciplinary integration and inquiry-based learning into your classroom. Also attend Process and Participation, Surrounded Islands Project, an experimental social sculpture and panel discussion moderated by Veronica Fazzio with artists Kerry Ware, David Bricker, and Veronica Fazzio. Learn how Miami participated in Christo and Jeanne-Claude's Surrounded Islands project and how the city was temporarily and forever transformed. 
Open to traditional and non-traditional K-12 and college educators of all subject areas. 
M-DCPS PD Credits: 7


Tuesday, November 6, 2018 9am – 2pm
STEAMY! A Science, Art and Technology mash-up

This workshop will explore the intersections of science, technology and art as tools to inspire students across subject areas. Join PAMM Educators as they engage participants in hands-on activities designed to show connections in how scientists, tech-innovators and artists approach problem solving and critical thinking in various fields of study and work. Learn new techniques to connect learning across a spectrum of topics to promote life-long learning in your classroom.
Open to K-12 educators – all subject areas. Maximum Participants: 25 
M-DCPS PD Credits: 5

Friday, April 19, 2019 10am – 4pm
The Future is Bright: Relevant Issues and Ideas – by Teens for Educators

In this special workshop the PAMM Teen Arts Council members will lead a dynamic daylong workshop designed especially for middle and high school students and educators.  Participants will discuss and explore issues relevant to teen audiences and how these issues impact their classroom learning and teaching experiences. This workshop will provide participants with the opportunity to view the learning environment from a new perspective while exchanging ideas and participating in hands-on art-making – all inspired by modern and contemporary art!
Open to Middle and High School teens and educators – all subject areas. 
Maximum Participants: 45 
M-DCPS PD Credits: 7