January 5, 2016

Teen Perspectives: PTAC Members Visit Obsolete Media Miami

Obsolete Media Miami (OMM) is an experimental art project, a picture and moving image archive and resource for artists, designers, filmmakers.

In preparation for our first annual PAMM Teen Lock-In, three PTAC ambassadors, including myself, visited the Knight-Foundation award winning Obsolete Media Miami (OMM) in it’s design district studio to receive rental information on various media equipment needed for analog art workshops and film screenings during our event. The big wigs over at OMM, artists Barron Sherer and Kevin Arrow, were happy to give us a brief tour of the space before discussing business matters. 

The space was wall-less as far as we could see, and from floor to roof, stacked with various films, art pieces, and obscure media equipment. Every corner and crevice hid an unfamiliar gem from a time before us. The amount of questions we wanted to ask exceeded the amount of time we had on the Tuesday afternoon (after all, it was a school night). The artists were glad to answer any and all questions we brought them, and provided interesting stories of how rare objects ended up in their possession. 

We ended up renting out a dual Super 8mm film projector, two light box tables, slide projectors, and even got some extra slide/slide holders on the side. Fellow ambassador Marjorie Gault and I returned to OMM two days before the lock-in to pick up the rentals and learn how to operate them. The tangible media workshops and screenings were a big hit among the South Florida teen art community that attended the lock-in and hopefully inspired them to keep the past alive. 

written by Samantha Hafferty