October 27, 2017

Teen Perspectives: Filmmaker Marcel Beltran

Last month Cuban filmmaker Marcel Beltran came to visit PTAC during one of our meetings in which we also met with students working with the Overtown Youth Center (OYC). Highlights from the meeting include introducing ourselves to the kids from OYC through our favorite dance moves and being able to hear their fresh perspectives on Miami’s art community. Luckily, we got the chance to view a couple of Beltran’s films and were able to have a brief Q&A with him at the end of our meeting. In one particular question involving how he finds the inspiration for his film subjects, Beltran revealed to us that inspiration doesn’t really exist unless we go out and seek it. He also advised us, “Don’t sit and wait for inspiration because then you can wait too long.” Overall, we enjoyed hearing his perspective on storytelling and his portrayal of the lives of citizens in his community. We also appreciated how he worked with local kids to teach them simple aspects of filmmaking that they’ll be able to apply for the rest of their lives. 

       - First Year PTAC Member Triniti Wade