February 27, 2018

Teen Perspectives: A Letter to the Bay: a city lost to the sea

Perez Art Museum Miami’s unique orientation along Biscayne Bay makes it a pretty ideal hangout spot for enjoying the fresh breeze and watching for dolphins. So when the Miami’s Downtown Development Authority put out a call for ideas on how to activate the Bay, offering pretty generous grants for the winners, we jumped on it!

We call our idea ‘A Letter to the Bay; a city lost at sea. In conjuring up our proposal, we stood in a circle by the beautiful bay and thought about climate change. What would our city look like in 100 years? What about this very spot that we are standing? How can we bring awareness to encroaching sea levels?

As an art installation that will be activated by the public, our proposal entails a monumental bottle that would be filled with messages collected from the public. A sealing ceremony would preserve these letters, and the bottle would serve as an above ground time capsule to be opened when the sea level reaches the top of the current sea wall.

Some of our challenges? Yes, there are a few. Is there an artist that can create a life size bottle? Can it be created sustainably? How will we install it? Can it withstand windy days, rainy days, and hurricanes?

Cross your fingers and get your love letters ready…


PS: We won! Stay tuned for more coming on this!