February 16, 2018

Teen Perspectives: Open House

The great day came with anticipation from all PTAC members. Many of use were scared, exited and felt additional other funny emotions about our first experience touring the museum. Big and small groups came to experience the museum guided by PTAC members. All of us were quite nervous about how the day was going to work out but it ended up being extraordinary. Young and old personalities were part of our tours as we guided them through the pieces of the museum. All the pieces that we chose represented what the museum is all about. We wanted our audience to understand why the pieces were in the museum and how they connected with to one another. After the tours we went out in the terrace to have delicious pizza and hang out. PAMM is truly a magical place as our day ended with a beautiful sunset and we caught glimpses of dolphins that were swimming at the bay. Not only were we able to experience the magic of art but also the magic of the museum as an entity as well. 


-Regina Gallardo, 1st year PTAC Member