June 25, 2018

Teen Perspectives: Letter to the Bay...or Bae? (part II)

The PAMM Teen Arts Council proposes ‘A Letter to the Bay/Bae: a city lost to the sea.’ This project entails a monumental bottle that would be filled with messages collected from the public. The letters would be created in conjunction with a free Second Saturday art-making activity. The bottle would serve as an above ground time capsule to be opened when the sea level reaches the top of the current sea wall. This interactive installation would enable Miamians to reflect on the environment around them and their role in the future of the city and its rising waters.

Hey! Remember that project that we told you about and then completely abandoned? Well, we are back at it and ready to get our feet wet in the rising waters of public art!

We brought in the professionals to help us with A Letter to the Bae, and this is when the real work began. Artist Oliver Sanchez of Swampspace sat with our very own second year PTAC member and design extraordinaire Natasja Enriquez to consider the details surrounding design, materials, and fabrication. We also sat with Justin Long and Amanda Sanfilippo of Fringe Projects to learn about the extensive process of permitting and properly engineering a public structure.

And so it turns out, placing a giant bottle along the sea wall is not as simple as some of us may have naively envisioned. Creating and installing an interactive public artwork is an extensive process that takes creative thinking, patience, and dedication. Throughout it all, we’ve had the opportunity to challenge ourselves, collaborate with talented professionals, and hopefully bring our idea to fruition on this long road ahead.