May 27, 2020

Teen Perspectives: QuaranTEEN, PTAC's Digital Art Show

Welcome to our final blog post of the year! We at the PAMM Teen Arts Council would like to thank you for joining us on our adventures this year and for the debut of this wondrous event, QuaranTEEN, PTAC's Digital Art Show.

During our first virtual meeting under quarantine, we brainstormed ways to continue our mission; "respond to and interact with art in order to engage local and global teen audiences." Before the quarantine we thought about showcasing teen art as a part of our end-of-year event, so we decided to turn our ideas into reality and created this digital art exhibition. We hope that you enjoy looking at all the fantastic art, and maybe even get inspired to create a few pieces of your own.

Also, the application to join the 2020-21 PAMM Teen Arts Council is now live! Download the application and follow the instructions for submitting it by the September 9, 2020 deadline.

Stay safe, see you soon and check out what we get into this summer @pammteen