July 10, 2020

Teen Perspectives: PTAC 2020 Remote Summer Internship - Week 1

Hello, I'm Austin San Juan, a member of PTAC and I am writing the first weekly blog post during our summer internship.

In this time of quarantine, as I’m sure you have experienced, some weeks are more difficult than others. While working on college essays and taking a college course have their entertaining moments, they definitely become repetitive and fail to pierce through the monotony of my four-bedroom walls. I am happy to say that despite this rather depressing introduction, there was a light that shone through the darkness this past week—the PAMM Summer Youth Internship.

In many of my college essays I find myself veering towards expressing my strong desire to pursue museum work, inevitably mentioning the PAMM Teen Arts Council (PTAC). This internship, though independent of PTAC, reinforces my passion in the same way. Am I busy? Sure. But there isn’t anything else I would rather be busy doing. Puzzling over ethical dilemmas of museum work kept my mind turning long after our zoom meeting had ended. Brainstorming a StoryMap for the PAMM app is an exciting prospect to which my mind continually wanders. Contemplating various solutions to all of these problems makes me feel fulfilled.

For our StoryMap project, I made a preliminary draft of an idea that made a strong impression on me. I set out mapping the reach or influence that PTAC has made throughout the community. From Palm Beach to Homestead, from West Kendall to Miami Beach, it feels as if we have had a seismic impact all over Miami. I recalled memories from over a year ago when I, along with three other PTAC members, traveled to the Institue of Contemporary Art in Boston for their Teen Convening. We are so grateful to Dorothy Terrell, a member of PAMM's Board of Trustees, who made this possible. I fondly remembered all of the teens I met from around the country and how awe-inspiring it was to see like-minded teens make a massive impact on our respective communities.

Well, I’ve ended up talking about PTAC some more, but that is a testament to how impactful the council has been on my development as a person. And though I am just getting started with the internship, I know this program will make an equally powerful impact on myself and the community.