July 17, 2020

Teen Perspectives: PTAC 2020 Remote Summer Internship - Week 2

Hi everyone, I'm Ella Rabbino and I'll be taking over the PTAC Blog for week 2 of our summer internship.

There is a sense of responsibility and importance that surrounds my role during this internship. Often in school or other work settings, being a minor without a college degree subjects me to inconsequential tasks. This internship has made it clear that what I do will mean something and be of significant help to PAMM. 

This program is a beautiful transition from the PAMM Teen Arts Council (PTAC). PTAC is a visionary experience that allows its member's events and goals to take place. On the other hand, the internship shows us how our ambitions came to life and the steps necessary to complete them. 

This week we covered an array of topics. We set up SMART Goals which include growing our Instagram followers and completing projects for the PAMM app. The interns attended a Lunch and Learn meeting that explained the importance of emotional intelligence in the workspace. It expressed the significance of controlling our emotions in times of conflict and the value of self-awareness. Furthermore, it’s been a pleasure to shadow the PAMM in the Neighborhood tours. The resilience of PAMM’s Education Department continues to amaze me. 

We are working closely with people who want to support and uplift us. Veronique Cote, the Internship Coordinator, opens our eyes to the ethics and atmosphere of working in a museum. Darwin Rodriguez, our Lead Teaching Artist, is eager to see our progress on projects and give us ideas on how to improve. When we are introduced during Zoom meetings, a flood of voices welcome us to the PAMMily and offer their guidance. The experience has been a loving one.