July 24, 2020

Teen Perspectives: PTAC 2020 Remote Summer Internship - Week 3

Hello, I’m Michelle Guan and I am a 2nd-year member of the PAMM Teen Arts Council (PTAC). I will be writing about week 3 of the PTAC Summer Internship from my perspective.

I often catch myself staring at my little Zoom window. It’s eerily captivating. Until now, I’ve never looked at myself this much, especially from a third-person view. 

When I first started this internship and began social distancing, connecting over Zoom felt jarring. Nowadays, three weeks into interning at PAMM, Zoom calls seem like second nature. I feel oddly close and yet distant, being able to see the intimate layout of people’s homes and room decor - but also missing their physical presence.

My fellow interns and I are working hard on our individual projects; writing scripts for art pieces we will be virtually touring. Amelia finished her beautiful Prezi on a description of PTAC. Austin and Ella are utilizing StoryMaps. I am recording videos. All of us are individually working towards the collective goal of setting up a good foundation for the upcoming school year and future PTAC members.

Sometimes it is difficult to make a distinction between work and home. All of my work is done in my bedroom. I try to spend my time mindfully, as cliché as that sounds. As a rising senior, my days are plagued with brainstorming for essays and SAT prep. To detract from this, I try to have equal amounts of fun and work in my room. I am so lucky and grateful to be surrounded by such a vibrant and hardworking community that encourages my work ethic and output. I am hopeful for what the next year look like for PTAC.