August 7, 2020

Teen Perspectives: PTAC 2020 Remote Summer Internship - Final Remarks

To conclude this summer’s weekly updates in our Teen Perspectives Blog, PTAC facilitator and Teaching Artist Darwin Rodriguez summarizes the 2020 PTAC summer internship program.

This summer, the PAMM Teen Arts Council provided weekly updates about their adventures in the digital realm. Four PTAC interns charted new horizons as education interns, learning more about the inner workings of PAMM and providing meaningful input into the direction of the museum during these extraordinary times. Michelle Guan, Amelia Letson, Austin San Juan, and Ella Rabbino gave us all clear insight into how their 2020 Summer Remote Digital Internship came about and what they worked on. 

This program grew out of PAMM Education’s ongoing commitment to arts education and partnership with Miami-Dade County Public Schools. 2019 saw our first PTAC summer intern. Last summer, PTAC alumna Jemelle Bowers pioneered this initiative and successfully paved the way for more interns to follow in her footsteps. Because of Covid-19, this year, PAMM Education had to think about how to provide a meaningful and educational experience for interns, but from home.

Thanks to the collaborative spirit of working in a museum, PAMM Education pieced together a remote internship that was true to PTAC’s commitment to teen mentorship, teen ambassadorship, and digital citizenship, as well as educational and professionally worthwhile.

Beyond shadowing virtual tours and attending Zoom meetings, PTAC interns focused on three main projects throughout their virtual summer at PAMM..

Amelia and Michelle developed a suite of informative PTAC videos and presentations on Prezi and Microsoft PowerPoint. These were successfully deployed at the annual YED Conference, hosted by our community partner and friends at Urgent Inc.

Austin and Ella worked on developing a GIS-based website that plotted PTAC’s reach in both South Florida and beyond, at a StoryMaps site called “Mapping PTAC.” Please check it out here.

Finally, the four interns turned their attentions to developing a digital tour of PAMM’s current exhibiton, Polyphonic. Thanks to PAMM curator Maritza Lacayo’s generous time spent with PTAC earlier this year, the interns had a great head-start in creating digital content for the museum. Expect to see, read, and hear PTAC on the PAMM app very soon, and hopefully more often in the future.

The interns also kept up with Second Saturday, hosting a total of four virtual art-making sessions over the course of the summer. Suffice to say PTAC interns had a busy schedule, but in the process, grew the teen presence at the museum and lay the groundwork for even more educational and life-changing experiences.

Thanks for keeping up with PTAC, and please apply if you’re interested in joining. Details and applications can be found here.