August 2, 2021

Teen Perspectives: Daniela Camacho

Hello! My name is Daniela Camacho and I am Pérez Art Museum Miami’s (PAMM) summer intern!

Years ago, I sat on the stairs right outside of PAMM. I remember feeling overwhelming amounts of joy and happiness from seeing all the beautiful art pieces during a school tour. Walking and seeing all those artists’ works on the walls kept me inspired to be just like them. It further fueled my passion for art and what I love doing. Who knew that years later I would be walking those same hallways as a PAMM Teen Arts Council (PTAC) member and an intern!

Being a part of the PAMMily has been, and continues, to be a wonderful experience! As soon as I walked in through the door on my first day, I was greeted by welcoming faces and friendly voices all around. People are very kind and caring, not to mention very helpful! During my first two days, I spent some time shadowing tours. It’s very interesting to see how different people will approach touring in different ways. Some people begin with the description and the label of the piece, while others begin with examining and dissecting it instead. As an artist, it has been a joy to see different kinds of people connect through art and have such distinctive points of view on the same piece. People all interpret them to varying levels, and so something that may be very superficial to one person could be very personal to the next.

All in all, I am very excited to see what comes next in my internship!