Calendar: Lecture by Elizabeth Povinelli: "Karrabing: An Indigenous Otherwise in the Late Liberal Australian Geontology"

Event Description

Dr. Elizabeth Povinelli is the Franz Boas Professor of Anthropology at Columbia University. She is the author of five books, including the upcoming Geontologies: A Requiem to Late Liberalism, and has directed three films. She is a founding member of the Karrabing social project, which rejects state forms of land tenure and group identification—namely the anthropological imaginary of the prehistoric clan, totem, and territory. Her lecture will address the improvisational relationship of the Karrabing to Late Liberalism settler colonialism, the modes of existence it seeks to maintain and enhance, and the networks of power and possibility that it encounters and reveals.

PAMM presents a new project by Marjetica Potrč, titled The School of the Forest | Miami CampusThis multi-part endeavor centers on a kind of elevated, open-air shelter common among Amazonian forest communities, which the artist encountered while carrying out an extended research residency in the Brazilian state of Acre. Over the course of the exhibition period, the museum will present a series of lectures and workshops by esteemed scholars inside a similar structure constructed in the gallery. 

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