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Dr. Paulo Tavares is an architect and urbanist based in Quito and São Paulo. Grounded in research-based methodologies and a commitment to field work, his work traces a cartography of the relations between environmental and political conflict in Amazonia. Dr. Tavares will argue that global climate change is the product of the violence of colonialism against both peoples and environments, societies and territories, rather than the unintended casualty of growth, development or progress.

PAMM presents a new project by Marjetica Potrč, titled The School of the Forest | Miami CampusThis multi-part endeavor centers on a kind of elevated, open-air shelter common among Amazonian forest communities, which the artist encountered while carrying out an extended research residency in the Brazilian state of Acre. Over the course of the exhibition period, the museum will present a series of lectures and workshops by esteemed scholars inside a similar structure constructed in the gallery. 

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